Risk Assessment

What is the importance of Risk Assessment?

A critical part of managing HSE issues at your organization is the identification of potential workplace hazards and controlling risks. Employers owe a duty of care to employees, contractors, visitors, and members of the public.

Our Health Safety and Environment (HSE) professionals can assist you in identifying what can cause harm to your people, assets, and the environment as well as recommend practical control measures to reduce such risks.

What is the value of a Risk Assessment?

Conducting thorough Risk Assessments can aid in taking reasonable steps to:

  • Recognize, reduce, and control workplace risks.
  • Comply with risk management standards and legislative health and safety requirements.
  • Reduce workplace incidents.
  • Maintain a cost-effective operation by being proactive rather than reactive.
  • Maintain a safe, healthy, and stress-free work environment.

Be sure to check out our Risk Assessment Training Program if you are interested in developing your skills in performing suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments.

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