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Our team is prepared to meet all your HSE Consultancy and Safety Training needs.

If you are interested in reducing the incident rate at your company, achieving a safer work environment, meeting local and international HSE standards, and increasing your productivity and profitability; Advanced EHS Concepts will take your establishment from concept to completion.

Advanced EHS Concepts provides a hassle-free economical alternative to hiring a full-time Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) professional. Our HSE consultants can help you develop and implement Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management Systems and solutions to optimize your HSE and business performance.

Thinking of a Career in HSE or developing a training plan for your organization? Our internationally recognized training programs can assist in meeting your career development goals or ensuring the competency of your employees.

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Occupational Safety & Training Solutions - HSEQ

Integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality HSEQ Systems

An HSEQ Management System refers to a systematic integrated approach that forms part of...

Occupational Safety & Training Solutions - HSE Audit

HSE Auditing and Inspection/ GAP Analysis

A Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) audit is a structured process whereby information is collected relating to the efficiency...

Occupational Safety & Training Solutions - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

A critical part of managing HSE issues at your organisation is the identification of potential workplace hazards...

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Occupational Safety and Training Solutions


Our clients trust us to provide reliable and innovative Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) solutions to their HSE challenges. The HSE professionals at Advanced EHS Concepts have worked with a variety of organizations within the oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, hospitality and commercial sectors.

Although our clients have ranged in size from large corporations to small businesses; our niche is assisting small and medium-sized organizations discover effective HSE concepts and solutions.

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Occupational Safety & Training Solutions - NABI Construction

NABI Construction (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited (NABI)

NABI Construction are known for their considerable experience in Oil, Gas, and Water exploration. In 2017 NABI engaged the services of Advanced EHS Concepts.

Occupational Safety & Training Solutions - Blind Welfare

Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association

In July of 2019, the Trinidad and Tobago Blind Welfare Association (TTBWA) reached out to us to provide guidance on structuring their HSE Committee.

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